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    Seachem StressGuard™


    StressGuard™ is the premium slime coat protection product. StressGuard™ will reduce stress and ammonia toxicity whenever handling or transporting ?sh. StressGuard™ binds to exposed protein in wounds to promote healing of injured ?sh and to reduce the likelihood of primary and secondary infections. StressGuard™ is compatible with all medications except those that are copper based. StressGuard™ is not amine based and will not interfere with Purigen®; or HyperSorb™ regeneration. StressGuard™ does not coat resins or clog ?ltration like competing “slime coat” type products can.

    What makes StressGuard™ very successful at healing is the fact that it contains protein active colloids. This protein active colloidal agent actively seeks out any wounds, abrasions, or places where exposed proteins are and attaches to this area to help directly deliver the disinfectant in the product and start the healing process. This protein active colloid, because it binds to the exposed proteins, also acts like a liquid bandage to the abrasion. Some products are marketed to be squirted in the bag when a fish is purchased. Those products are generally acidic, with some brands being a very strong acid. Putting such a product in a small, enclosed container with a fish often does more harm than any intended good. StressGuard™ has a pH of 7.0. It will not affect the pH of an aquarium, even at large doses. There are no other products on the market that can compare to the effectiveness of StressGuard™.

    Directions: Use 1/2–1 capful (2.5–5 ml) to every 40 L (10 US gallons) daily until signs of stress have abated or healing is complete. Dose may be safely doubled.

    Sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

    API Stress Coat®


    Stress Coat® makes tap water safe and contains the healing power of Aloe Vera, scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue.

    Stress Coat®, with the healing power of Aloe Vera, is scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue. It forms a synthetic slime coating and replaces the natural secretion of slime that is interrupted by handling, shipping, fish fighting, or other forms of stress. Helps reduce susceptibility to disease and infection. Helps heal torn fins and skin wounds. Reduces electrolyte loss. Also works instantly to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water. Neutralizes heavy metals. Use when starting a new aquarium, adding or changing water and adding fish. Scientifically proven to reduce fish stress by 40%. Scientifically proven to heal wounds and promote regeneration of damaged fish tissue.

    Directions: Add 5 ml per 40 litres of aquarium water. Double the dose to replace slime coat and to repair damaged skin and fins.

    Sizes: 30 ml, 118 ml, 237 ml, 473 ml

    Easy Life Voogle®


    Every fish has a natural immune system against pathogens. Transportation, dirty water or a high number of pathogens in the water cause a lot of stress. Stress costs a great deal of energy and has a negative effect on the immune system. The mucous skin, gills and fins, in particular, become more sensitive to diseases, such as white spot, fungi and other types of infection. Weekly use of Voogle ensures that fish remain optimally protected in a natural way and the dangers resulting from pathogens are greatly reduced.

    • Voogle has no harmful effect on fish, shrimps, lobsters, molluscs, plants or the bio-filter.
    • Voogle has no effect on the important water parameters and does not cause resistance.
    • Voogle mostly consists of plant extracts and supporting vitamins and minerals.
    • Voogle breaks down naturally, so that it is not necessary to change the water after using the product.


    • Maintenance: 10 ml Voogle per 100 litres aquarium water every week
    • Transport: 10 ml per 40 litres during (long-distance) transport
    • New fish in aquarium: Double dose, 10 ml per 20 litres
    • In case of problems: Five-day course treatment, 10 ml per 40 litres

    Sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

    Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)