Aqua Scaping

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Natural Driftwood


Driftwoods are most commonly used to create a natural look and environment. It is also often being used as an anchor for Java moss or other aquatic plants in the tank. Driftwood comes in different shape and sizes and thus designing your tank with driftwood allow your tank to be unique as there are no driftwood that resembles the same.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL

Pisces Gold Vine


This is the most wonderful wood we have ever seen! Found in Mongolia, this vine is paper smooth with intricate branching and fascinating beauty. It will turn a fantastic Mahogany colour when in an aquarium. Perfect for both Aquariums and Terrariums or any other display. This wood is extremely low in any tannin and is 100% safe for all fish and animals. As Gold Vine is very light it will take from 7-10 days to become water-logged and sink. As we source this wood directly from tribes and villagers, we’re able to offer you extremely attractive prices for this amazing work of art.

Sizes: Nano 15cm, Small 30cm, Med 40cm, Lge 60cm, XL 70cm

Pisces Texas Holey Rock


The world famous Texas Holey Rock is a beautiful limestone essential in all African Cichlid and Marine tanks. As a calcium carbonate based rock it will help buffer your tank’s pH levels as required. Fish love the smooth surface and caves of Texas Holey Rock which create a stunning natural habitat essential for their well-being. Texas Holey Rock can also be used to great effect in terrariums, garden & floral displays and home décor.

Sizes: Sized by weight.

Pisces Lava Rock


New Zealand Red Lava is unlike any other on the planet. Its unique colours and texture have not been discovered in any other volcanic location worldwide. The rich red colours of the molten magma form not only an exceptional scene for any aquarium, but act as a biological filter bringing balance and promoting positive bacteria growth which helps maintain crystal clear waters.

Pisces Gold Pagoda Box 8kg


Gold Pagoda has outstanding natural layers creating cliff like faces in your aquarium.The consistency of this rock is stunning and is the rock of choice for anyone looking for a well-balanced and beautiful aquarium combined with a warm colour scheme.

Pisces Niwa Rock Box 8kg


Niwa, which literally means 'garden' in Japanese offers wonderful creamy cool, smooth facades and accentuates a feeling of Zen and balance to any aquarium. It’s easy to see why Niwa is so highly regarded worldwide as one of the most sought after scenic rocks.

Pisces Fire Pagoda Box 8kg


Similar to the Gold Pagoda, the ancient Fire Pagoda of fossilised layers brings a rich and rugged look into your aquatic world. Its fine layers will constantly intrigue with never-ending shades of colour and ridges.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 12 products)