Auto Feeders

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    Aqua One Dial-A-Diet Digital Auto Feeder


    Feed up to 5 times per day and up to 3 potions per feed. This allows different quantities to be feed at different times through the day.

    • Multiple Direction Tank Mounting.
    • Up to 5 feeds per day.
    • Up to 3 portion feed per program.
    • Adjustable Feeding.

    SERA feed A plus


    sera feed A plus for the continual, accurate and reliable feeding of all aquarium fish.

    The sera feed A plus automatic feeder is convincing due to its easy operation and practical accessories. The round food drum holds approx. 80 ml, the selected food amount glides out slowly and evenly into the aquarium. Therefore, there is no clumping caused by splash water. The gears resist accidentally turning in the wrong direction without any problems.

    Further new features include an easily removable splash water protection cover for optimally covering the operational elements and a special air hose connector. When connected to the latter one, the sera air 110 plus air pump will keep the food permanently dry.

    • Feeds up to 30 days.
    • Holds up to 80ml of food.
    • Up to 6 feeding's per day.
    • Battery powered (requires 1 AA battery - included in kit).
    • Simple to adjust.
    • Secure and reliable.
    • You can prevent food clogging by connecting the Sera Air 110 (not included in kit).

    Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)