Underwater Lights

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    Fluval Prism Ceramic LED Spot Light


    Add excitement to your aquatic habitat with the Fluval Prism Color Max Accent LED. This remote-controlled, high-output spotlight LED allows you to create up to 80 fun-inspired, multi-color lighting options, including special effects and weather effects to match your desired mood or decor.

    For Fresh and Saltwater aquariums

    • Remote-controlled, high-output spotlight LED
    • Create up to 80 multi-colour lighting options, including special effects
    • Brings out the nocturnal swimming instinct in your fish
    • Fully submersible
    • Made from high-tech ceramic for superior quality and durability
    • Watts: 3W
    • Beam: 6ft (1.8m beam)

    Classica LED Strip Lights


    Bring your fish tank to life with the Classica bubble wall with built in underwater LED Lights. Not only will you provide vital oxygen to your underwater friends, the LED light will create an amazing display as bubbles rise up to the surface of the tank. Create your own lighting show underwater with 7 different colours and modes.

    SizeLED LightsWattage
    15cm66 x 0.24w (1.44w)
    20cm99 x 0.24w (2.16w)
    30cm1515 x 0.24w (3.60w)
    • Air curtain bubble wall with built in LED lights.
    • 7 light colours and 7 lighting modes.
    • Energy saving. (Uses only 0.24w per LED light)
    • Watts Safe and non toxic.
    • Dynamic bubble and light display.
    • Multi Use.

    Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)