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Color enhancing premium flakes.

Due to its balanced protein level, this premium flake food by sera allows quick and healthy growth. The wholesome composition from over 40 ingredients covers the daily nutrient requirements of typical community fish. The natural coloration of the fish is particularly well enhanced by the high Spirulina amount and natural carotinoids.

SERA Micron


Powder food for very small juveniles, for rearing fish fry and food animals.

The ideal first food for the healthy growth of smallest fish larvae, juvenile fish up to 6 mm in size, and amphibian larvae. Spirulina, krill and shrimps provide high quality protein and color enhancing carotinoids during the important rearing phase. Also excellently suited for breeding food animals such as Artemia nauplii or copepods.

SERA O-nip


Attaching tablets with delicacies.

sera O-nip consists of compressed flakes and freeze dried whole organisms such as krill, bloodworms, Tubifex or Gammarus. You can excellently watch the fish eating when slightly pressing the tablet to the aquarium glass from the inside. The food tablets are readily accepted as a special delicacy by almost all fish. Also suitable for catfish and loaches.

SERA Vipagran


Basic soft granulate.

sera vipagran is the ideal granulated food for fish from the middle water zone in community aquariums. The balanced blend of over 40 herbal and animal ingredients ensures healthy nutrition according to natural requirements. The slowly sinking granulate becomes soft quickly without losing its consistency.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min  40.4 %
Crude Fat, min  8.7 %
Crude Fiber, max  3.4 %
Ash, max  4.0 %
Moisture, max  6.1 %

SERA Vipan


The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in community aquariums.

sera vipan is the ideal staple food in aquariums with different fish. The balanced composition fulfills the requirements of many species. Careful processing ensures the valuable ingredients (e.g. omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) are being retained. The sera manufacturing process allows for flakes retaining their shape – the water is not polluted. Due to the unique very fine grinding, the flake is at the same time very tender and is being eaten particularly readily. Available as normal and large flakes.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min  46.2 %
Crude Fat, min  8.9 %
Crude Fiber, max  2.3 %
Ash, max  11.9 %
Moisture, max  6.7 %

SERA Vipan Baby


Micro flakes for the little ones in a community aquarium.

sera vipan baby with the special composition for small and juvenile fish below 4 cm (1.6 in.) body length. Even rapidly growing and fastidious fish fry can be successfully reared with sera vipan baby. The tender flakes can be taken up very easily as they remain at the surface for a long time and sink down very slowly.



Flakes for freshwater fish with additional delicacies.

These special flakes contains a large amount of Gammarus shrimps and Spirulina algae. The addition of entire, carefully freeze-dried food organisms such as krill, daphnia and bloodworms makes this food particularly attractive. The balanced natural level of minerals and trace elements (iodine and calcium, among others) provides natural protection against many deficiency syndromes.

Displaying 15 to 21 (of 24 products)