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Live Plant Elodea


Egeria densa: Stem plant with 3-5 narrowly lanceolate leaves arranged in whorls. Shoot length approx 60cm and more. Grows 10 cm per week. The lower the redox value, the faster the growth rate. Propagation by top cuttings. The plant will then grow side shoots, which can be detached and planted.

Live Plant Aponogetum


Aponogetum Crispus: will grow quickly, producing numerous olive green-brown ruffled leaves. These are normally up to 4 cm wide and 20-35 cm long. In weak light, the leaves are produced on longer stems that may spread across the water surface in search of more illumination. Aponogeton crispus may flower in the aquarium.

Live Plant Rotala Macrandra


Rotala macrandra: is best planted in large groups and can be propagate by using cuttings which are planted in a spot with a lot of light. The cuttings should preferable be 4-6 inches long. A Rotala macrandra that thrives in your aquarium will require regular trimmings and create a lot of cuttings for you to plant or give away. If your plant looses it leaves near the bottom its best to re plant the tops of the plant to rejuvenate it. The lower part without leaves will also rejuvenate and start growing again if you can give it time.

Live Plant Rotala Walichii


Rotala walichii: forms luxurious, fluffy, pink groupings which grow to the water's surface. This plant produces its most colorful, vibrant growth along the water's surface, where it also develops the greatest number of side shoots. When it gets too tall it can be pruned by cutting off the tops and leaving behind the rooted portions or uprooting the rooted portions and replanting the tops. Propagation can be performed by simply snipping off stems that are too tall and replanting them in the substrate.

Live Plant Amazon Sword


Echinodorus amazonicus : has short rhizomes, numerous lance shaped leaves that are pale to dark green with sharply pointed tips, and fairly short stems. It is an amphibious plant that will grow either partially or fully submersed. When used in groups, they create an interesting background behind other aquarium plants.

Live Plant Ambulia


Limnophila sessiflora: Very easy to care for stem plant. Will get long internodes in high light regardless of nutrient levels. Stays bushy in lower light. Tips of plant close to light source may get a red tinge. Propagation by cuttings/lateral shoots.

Live Plant Giant Hygrophilia


Hygrophilia corymbosa: Under water the leaves are light-green and dense. In open aquariums it grows easily above the water surface, where it forms blue-green leaves and small blue flowers. It grows fast and the shoots must be pinched out regularly if you want to keep the plant under water. An extremely hardy plant, suitable for beginners.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 15 products)