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Live Plant Broad-leaf Amazon Sword


Echinodorus bleheri: Stemmed leaves up to 5 cm wide. Grows 1 leaf per week up to 60cm high. Established specimens can have up to 50 leaves. Regularly grows adventitious plants on the flower stem.

Live Plant Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown


Cryptocoryne wendtii: Medium-sized brown wendtii. Leaves mostly chocolate-brown to olive-brown. Grows 1-2 leaves per month approx 10-15cm high. Propagation by runners.

Live Plant Beckett's Cryptocoryne


Cryptocoryne beckettii: Lanceolate leaves are usually a rich green color and have an interesting brown flame-like pattern. Grows 1-2 leaves per month approx. 10-20 cm high. Propagation by runners.

Live Plant Dwarf Anubias


Anubias barteri var. nana: Low-growing, creeping plant. Height: 8-12 cm. Grows 8-10 leaves per year. Propagation by side shoots. Special note: Will also grow well tied onto rocks or wood.

Live Plant Broad-leafed Anubias


Anubias barteri var barteri: Stemmed, firm, leathery leaves of more or less distinct heart-shape. Grows 5-6 leaves per year approx 15-35 cm high. Propagation by side shoots from the rhizome. Special note: The name spec. barteri is a collective denomination for a number of very similar, but difficult to distinguish, varieties of different sizes.

Live Plant Indian Water Wisteria


Hygrophila difformis: Highly pinnate, light green leaves. Shoot length: 50 cm. Grows shoots approx 50cm long, 10 cm per week. Propagation by Top cuttings, Side shoots. Special note: Do not plant too densely, as even the bottom leaves require plenty of light.

Live Plant Pigmy chain sword plant


Echinodorus tenellus: Rosette plant with 1-2 mm wide leaves growing 2 runners per week approx 5-8cm high. Special note: Green in shaded spots, reddish in bright light. Excellent foreground plant.

Displaying 8 to 14 (of 15 products)